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Dear Learners,

Here we have tried to provide you with a comprehensive set of Listening exercises and links to improve your ability in underestanding spoken form of language. We do suggest you to follow the given links and enjoy listening to English musics, news, stories, etc.

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Enjoy the following Listening Comprehension Exercises:

General Listening Quizzes
[ Listen to Everyday Conversations with Adult and Children's Voices ]

Answering Machine
A Day at School
Apartments for Rent
Camping Under the Stars
Christmas is Coming!
Clothing Styles
Business Communications
College Life
Daily Schedule
DVD Movie Rentals
Eye Glasses for You
A Fun Day
Family Activities
Family Relationships
First Date
Getting Around Tokyo
Good Old Blues
Hamburger Restaurant
Happy Birthday!
Heavenly Pies Restaurant
Hotel Reservations
Immigration and Customs
Lost in the Crowd
Meeting Singles
Nice to Meet You
Party Time!
Phone Message
Picnic Preparations
Reading Time
Rental Shop (Version B)
Shopping for the Day
Sightseeing in Town
Snack Time
So, what's the matter?
Spending Money
Tell me about yourself
Train Tickets
Travel Arrangements
Travel on Sky Airlines
What a Busy Day!
Where are you from?

A Student Credit Card
A Healthy Lifestyle
A Hiking Family
A Story to Remember
Back to School Supplies
Baking Cookies
Breakfast Recipes
Budget Hotel Rooms
Car Rental
College Majors
College Textbooks
Computer Sales
Dinner Time
Driver's License
Emergency Call
Exercise Program
English Language Center
Great Apartment Living
Grocery Shopping
Haven't We Met Before?
Holiday Traditions
Japanese Public Bath
Just a Haircut, Please!
Leisure Activities
Medical Advice
New York Travel
Party Invitations
Personal Security
Pizza Delivery
Radio Advertising
Saturday's Chores
Show Times
Snacks and Candy
Street Market
Taxi Ride (Medium)
Towing Service
Traffic Ticket
TV Guide
Vacation Plans
Weekly Activities
World Cup Soccer
World of Computers

Adsense: Making Money
72-Hour Emergency Kit
A Free Cell Phone!
A University Degree
ABCs of Money Matters
Cancer Treatment
Car Accident
Car Repairs
Dating Woes
Driving Road Test
Enjoying the Zoo
Easy Pet Care
Flower Shop
First Mountain Bank
Friday Night Mishaps
Friendly Dental Care
Funerals: Expressing Condolences
Furniture Store Ad
Home Repairs
Home Security
Hotel Check-In
Housing Complaints
It's a Home Run!
Job Hunting
Movie Review
Personal Problems
Professional Babysitting
Refinancing Mortgage Loans
Rental Shop (Version A)
School Report
Security Systems
Store Returns
Summer Camp
Taxi Ride (Difficult)
The Ideal Woman
Trivia Game Show
Utah Travel Ad
Video Game Systems
Wedding Anniversary
Where's the movie theater?






Learn Listening Online

An interactive resource for students of NQ music to improve their knowledge and listening skills.

Access 3 to Intermediate 2

Online music learning covering topics such as Scottish music, instrumental music and vocal music across three levels.

Higher and Advanced Higher

An online history of music with two approaches to study, either through musical topics or through periods of music.

A to Z dictionary

Containing all the concepts required for National Qualifications in Music described briefly and with music excerpts.

Music Listening Revision

Learn and revise a wide range of music concepts using this collection of interactive exercises.



 ESL : Listening


1:51 MP3 file with transcript in VOA Special English. [Excerpt of Longer File]

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (by Lewis Carroll) (Ohio University)

Listen the story using RealAudio. Read in American English at natural speed.

America Free TV Classic Movies Channel [FRAME]

Streaming Movies in QuickTime. Click FRAME for direct .mov link.

America Free TV Comedy Channel [FRAME]

Streaming TV shows in QuickTime. Click FRAME for direct .mov link.

American Rhetoric - Top 100 Speeches - Text and MP3 Streams

M.L.King's I Have a Dream, J.F.Kennedy's Inagural Address and others.

American Stories - Read While Listenng to MP3 Files (In VOA Special English)

25 stories: Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Herman Melville, Jack London, ...

BBC - Balamory [FRAME]

You can click the houses and listen the the text as you read it.

Book Pop - Barely There (Requires Flash)

Childrens' stories read in American English at regular speed. See the text, too.

California Distance Learning Project (Sacramento County Office of Education)

Text to read and listen to, pronunciation practice, spelling practice, ...

Christmas: History

Text and RealAudio file on

Christmas: Trees & Mistletoe

Text and RealAudio file on

Christopher Columbus (Thomas Blackmon)

Listen to an American woman read the text as you read along.

Comaudio Online (Witz Baron)

You can listen and read along. Ask you teacher for help, if you can't figure it out. ( - News & Quizzes

WMA audio files (WindowMedia Player) and text. (Spoken slowly and clearly)

English Bites - Story Archive (ABC Asia Pacific)

Watch RealAudio streaming video, read the text, see some words defined.

English Listening Language Lab Online (Todd Beuckens)

Practice English listening with animations, songs, games, news, and interviews.

EnglishBaby.Com's Lessons

Some are dialogs with downloadable RealAudio files.

ESL and Archie Comics [FRAME] (Archie Comic Publications, Inc.)

Read excerpts of Archie comic strips and listen to MP3 files with a lesson. - Advanced Listening with Audio Script [FRAME] (Skip Reske)

Contemporary topics. Two listening speeds with read-along text. - Intermediate to Advanced Listening with Audio Script (Skip Reske)

Two listening speeds with read-along text. VOA Special English, PBS. etc. - Listening with Text - Barack Obama's Speeches (Skip Reske)

Obama on the Jay Leno Show, Inauguration Speech and more. 2 speeds for audio - One Minute English

Requires RealAudio plugin. From Hong Kong - One Minute English - Dealing with Complaints

Requires RealAudio plugin. From Hong Kong - One Minute English - Handling Accidents

Requires RealAudio plugin. From Hong Kong - One Minute English - Ordering Food

Requires RealAudio plugin. From Hong Kong - One Minute English - Paying the Bill

Requires RealAudio plugin. From Hong Kong

Global English Salon - Business English (David Temple)

Listen to an interview. (Windows Media Player Required)

Global English Salon - Modern English (David Temple)

Read and listen to articles and conversations. (Windows Media Player Required)

Global English Salon - Think in Engish (David Temple)

Read and listen to this article. (Windows Media Player Required)

Global English Salon - Travel - Grand Canyon (David Temple)

Read and listen to this article. (Windows Media Player Required)

Goshen - Audio Bible Online - King James Version [FRAME]

RealAudio files. Read by Alexander Scourby. King James Version is Old English.

Harper Audio

Listen to Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Dickens, Will Rogers, E.A.Poe, ... - Pittsburg, PA, USA

Watch the top news stories for Pennsylvania. (Regular TV News)

Kids Avenue Audio Lab

Listen to short stories while reading the text.

Lauri's ESL Website--Listening (Lauri Fried-Lee)

Various Listening Activities for ESL students

Learn English - British Council - Toungue Twisters [FRAME]

Requires Peedy (Microsoft agent), which requires Windows 95, 98 or NT

Leonie's Lyrics Page

Latest Top 40, Pop, R & B, and Rock Lyrics

Light Up Your Brain! - Classic Stories Online (Chuck Brown)

Streamed MP3 files. Read at a natural speed in American English.

Listen & Read Along - American and British English (Charles Kelly)

3.5 minutes, See the words as you listen to the announcer. (Flash)

Listen & Read Along - Benjamin Franklin (Charles Kelly)

2.5 minutes, See the words as you listen to the announcer. (Flash)

Listen & Read Along - Jazz (Charles Kelly)

50 seconds, See the words as you listen to the announcer. (Flash)

Listen & Read Along - The Golden Gate Bridge (Charles Kelly)

2.6 minutes, See the words as you listen to the announcer. (Flash)

Listen & Read Along - The Word Ain't (Charles Kelly)

2.1 minutes, See the words as you listen to the announcer.

Listen and Read Along - Cherries

90 seconds, read by Steve Ember, see the words as you listen to the announcer.

Listen and Read Along - The God of His Fathers (By Jack London)

Adapted for ESL learners by Dona de Sanctis and read by Shep O'Neal.

Listen and Read Along - To Build a Fire (By Jack London)

Adapted for ESL learners by Dona de Sanctis and read by Harry Monroe.

Listen and Read Along: A Good Night's Sleep May Improve Memory

See the words as you listen to the announcers Doug Johnson and Sarah Long

Listen and Read Along: Light Pollution

See the words as you listen to the announcer, Bill White.

Listen and Read Along: Why You Shouldn't Smoke

See the words as you listen to the announcer, Bob Doughty. - Dictation Exercises Online (Steven Hong)

Many VOA Special English reports are here. Teachers can make their own.





441 Soccer Spat
CleAnn and Nana have a small arguement related to soccer.

Intermediate 6
Time: 2:09
CleAnn | Nana

440 Football Factories
Nana talks about how children devote their lives to soccer.

Intermediate 6
Time: 3:40
CleAnn | Nana

1039 Power and Corruption
Aiman and Todd talks about the culture of corruption.

Intermediate 5
Time: 2:28
Aiman - Todd

1038 Taking a bribe
Todd and Aiman talks about experiences with bribery.

Intermediate 5
Time: 2:42
Aiman - Todd

1037 Bribes
Aiman talks about the culture of bribing in business.

Intermediate 5
Time: 2:39
Aiman - Todd

1036 Sri Lankan Food
Buddhi talks about the cuisine of her country of Sri Lanka.

Intermediate 5
Time: 3:23
Edwin - Buddhi

1035 Home Cooking
Edwin talks about eating Chinese food at home in Australia.

Intermediate 5
Time: 2:22
Edwin - Buddhi

Mixer 106 Best Place to Live
Six people share the best place to live in their home country.

Time: 2:13
Various Accents

Mixer 105 Book or Mags
Six people share their thoughts about books and magazines.

Time: 2:43
Various Accents

Mixer 104 Sports Heroes
Find out what athletes people admire the most and why.

Time: 2:57
Various Accents

1028 Sports Divided
Shirley talks about Scotland having two teams to play for.

Intermediate 5
Time: 1:25
Shirley - Yuri

1027 Countries United
Shirley explains the terms United Kingdom and Great Britain.

Intermediate 5
Time: 3:25
Shirley - Yuri

Mixer 103 To Belong
Various people talk about what groups or clubs they belong to.

Time: 2:38
Various Accents

1026 Grades
Nydja talks about whether we need grades in education

Intermediate 5
Time: 2:04
Nydja - Yodd

1025 False Praise
Nydja discusses if children today are praised too much.

Intermediate 5
Time: 2:05
Nydja - Yodd

Mixer 102 Dream House
Various people describe their dream house.

Intermediate 4
Time: 2:51
Various Accents

1024 Reading Trends
Monica and Todd discuss how they read books and the news.

Intrerview V7
Time: 2:04
Monica | Todd

1023 Online Reading
Monica and Todd discuss how the internet is changing the way people read.

Intrerview V7
Time: 2:22
Monica | Todd

1022 Island Invasion
Cheryl talks about some serious problems to her island.

Intrerview V7
Time: 2:35
Nick | Cheryl

1021 Island Dangers
Cheryl talks about dangerous things on her island.

Intrerview V7
Time: 2:23
Nick | Cheryl

1020 Guam
Cheryl talks about her her little know tropical paradise in the Pacific Ocean.

Intrerview V7
Time: 2:07
Nick | Cheryl

1019 Hawaii
Ron talks about what makes Hawaii so special and give info about the wildlife.

Intrerview V7
Time: 3:04
Ron | Mari

1018 The Nature of Myths
Jake shares with Shirley why the myth of Paul Bunyan still lives on today.

Intrerview V7
Time: 2:24
Jake | Shirley

1017 Paul Bunyan
Jakes tells Shirley about a popular folk hero to American school children

Intrerview V7
Time: 2:08
Jake | Shirley

1016 Ex Pats
Pernais and Doron talk about life away from their country.

Intrerview V7
Time: 2:47
Pernese Doron

1015 The Big Mix
CleAnn talks about her very multicultural country.

Intrerview V7
Time: 2:49
CleAnn - Todd

1014 Islands Apart
CleAnn talks about how Trinidad AND Tabago are both unique.

Intrerview V7
Time: 2:40
CleAnn - Todd

1013 Trinidad and Tabago
CleAnn talks about her country, which is made up of two islands.

Intrerview V7
Time: 3:01
CleAnn - Todd

1012 Deliciously Italian
Yuri talks about Italian food and how it varies from place to place.

Intrerview V7
Time: 2:47
Yuri - Todd

1011 Italian Italian
Yuri talks about his thoughs on things Italian.

Intrerview V7
Time: 3:32
Yuri - Todd

1010 Mongolian Vacation
Heidi talks about things tourists should do in Mongolia.

Intrerview V7
Time: 3:20
Heidi | Todd

1009 School in Mongolia
Heidi talks about what school is like in Mongolia.

Intrerview V7
Time: 3:10
Heidi | Todd

1008 Food for Good Skin
Mike and MJ discuss foods that produce heathy skin.

Intrerview V7
Time: 3:41
Amir | Tu

1007 Tea Time
Amir talks about drinking tea in his home country of Iran.

Intrerview V7
Time: 2:37
Michael | MJ

1006 Winning
Monica and Todd debate winning and teen sports.

Intrerview V7
Time: 4:19
Monica | Todd

1005 Physical Education
Monica and Todd discuss students taking P.E. classes.

Intrerview V7
Time: 3:19
Monica | Todd

1004 Touchy Feely
Cheryl compares touch in Hong Kong, America, and Guam.

Intrerview V7
Time: 3:33
Nick | Cheryl

1003 Displays of Affection
Cheryl and Nick discuss hugs, kisses and holding hands.

Intrerview V7
Time: 2:19
Nick | Cheryl

1002 Tree Fighters
Nick and Cheryl talks about what people will do to save trees.

Intrerview V7
Time: 2:20
Nick | Cheryl

1001 Logging in Taz
Nick talks about logging in his part of the world.

Intrerview V7
Time: 2:35
Nick | Cheryl