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Reading Comprehension Links:

Project Gutenberg <> -- 18,000 free books; includes a searchable catalogue (, includes human-read audio books, downloadable .mp3 files

Project Bartleby <> -- a vast array of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, a search engine, quotations, biographies, and much more

The Online Books page <> -- searchable by author, title, subject

Candlelight Stories <> -- Here are some wonderful stories with great illustrations written in EASY ENGLISH. Just choose a story and then click on the hands to go forward or backward.

Vermont Readings for ESL Students <> -- by Dr. Richard Yorkey Reading <> -- English reading resources for ESL learners, including texts, short stories (by proficiency level), tales, biographies, proverbs, news, learning the alphabet, etc. 

The Intersect Digital Library <> includes The Intersect Digital Library Catalog (complete works--Opal Whiteley, American History Sourcebook, On the Run, Your Genes, Your Choices, Web de Anza, Romeo & Juliet, Short Stories of Edgar Allen Poe, Eugene Wetlands Fieldguide, Balboa Trail Fieldguide) and famous documents, including The Mayflower Compact , Common Sense by Thomas Paine, The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, The Constitution of the United States, The Emancipation Proclamation, The Gettysburg Address),  The Teacher's Center (Lesson plans and activities for the resources above), Development Guidelines (Specifications for how to make Supported Text Books)

Grimms' Fairy Tales <> -- Do you know the story of Cinderella or Snow White?  Those are two of the fairy tales that were collected by the Grimm Brothers in the early 1800's.  You'll find 12 famous fairy tales at this site.  These are the original stories, which are quite different than the stories that you might know.  The original stories are "darker" than the more modern versions.  The English is written in an old-fashioned style, and may be a little difficult.  But try to read for the main idea.  Four of the stories have audio versions, also, so you can read and listen. 

Aesop's Fables <> -- online collection of selected fables, with lesson plans, comments/suggestions, and suggested morals; main site of 656 fables, some with audio recordings --

National Geographic School Publishing: Content Literacy to Achieve Success  <> -- science and social studies materials classified by standards, subject, method, and media; includes Windows on Literacy (pre-K-3), Language, Literacy, and Vocabulary (K-8+), Content-based Fiction (K-8+), Reading Expeditions (grades 3-8+), Theme Sets (grades 3-8+), Nonfiction Reading & Writing Workshops (grades 3-8) (Click on TELL ME A STORY.)

The Complete Lexical Tutor  <> -- includes a link to The Call of the Wild for reading and listening

The Moonlit Road <> -- Story tellers telling southern American ghost stories, accompanied by texts.

Children's Literature Web Guide <> -- A list of links to folktales and myths.

Children's stories online <> -- See also Dafne Gonzalez's article on how to use myths and folktales for reading lessons at <

Center of Book Culture <> -- context for reading modern and contemporary literature and cultural issues

The Short-Story: Specimens Illustrating Its Development <> -- With a selection of 23 short stories from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the twentieth century, Brander Matthews—a pioneer of dramatic scholarship and professor at Columbia University—demonstrates, “the slow evolution of this literary species through the long centuries of advancing civilization.”

Reader’s Theater Editions <> -- free scripts for reader’s theater (or readers theatre) adapted from stories written by Aaron Shepard and others—mostly humor, fantasy, and world tales from a variety of cultures. A full range of reading levels is included, with scripts aimed mostly at ages 8–15. The scripts may be freely copied, shared, and performed for any noncommercial purpose, except they may not be posted online without permission.

Biography Magazine <> -- has message boards on movie stars, historical figures, and even mythical and fictional characters, a wonderful writings supplement to a reading unit or course

BitBooks <> -- lots of interesting stories.  You can search for a story, or choose one of the 32 categories.  Some of these stories are complete stories, and some are excerpts from the stories.  For an easier reading level, try the STORIES FOR KIDS or STORIES FOR TEENS categories. 

eBrary <> -- a fully searchable online library with full-text documents and maps; viewing is free; copies can be made at a small fee.


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