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American English Pronunciation Practice (For ESL/EFL)
Game-like Minimal Pair Practice using Flash and MP3 Files

You can do a 4-minute review first, if you like.

·                                 Video with Minimal Pairs from Lesson 2 to Lesson 13

Minimal Pair Practice & Quizzes

Each file has four MP3-encoded minimal pairs and is about 40Kb

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 1: 13-30, ... (84Kb - the largest file)

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 2: ferry-very, ... (40Kb)

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 3: late-let, ... (37Kb)

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 4: lake-rake, ... (40Kb)

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 5: fond-found, ... (40Kb)

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 6: these-Z's, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 7: said-sad, ...
There is also a
Video of Lesson 7.

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 8: best-vest, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 9: not-note, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 10: thick-sick, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 11: bus-boss, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 12: see-she, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 13: made-mad, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 14: run-rung, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 15: look-luck, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 16: climb-crime, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 17: hot-hat, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 18: they-day, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 19: run-ran, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 20: lugs-lungs, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 21: not-nut, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 22: thought-taught, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 23: eat-it, ...

·                                 Minimal Pairs - Lesson 24: few-hue, ...

How to Use These Pages

·                                 1. Click the "Start" arrow button.

·                                 2. Click the words at the top to practice.

·                                 3. Click "Listen, Then Choose."

·                                 4. Click the answer.

·                                 (Do #3 and #4 a few times.)

·                                 5. Click the arrow button to go to the next one.

"Listen and Repeat" Videos

Focusing on Accents

·                                 Two-Syllable Words Accented on the First Syllable

·                                 Two-Syllable Words Accented on the Second Syllable

"L" and "R"

·                                 Listen & Repeat: 145 Words with “L” /l/

·                                 Listen & Repeat: 68 Words with “R” /r/

R-controlled Vowels (Also called R-colored Vowels)

·                                 Listen & Repeat: 62 Words with “R” /ɝː/ /ər/ were, her, other, ...

·                                 Listen & Repeat: 40 Two-syllable Words Ending with /ɝː/ /ər/ dollar, member, soccer, ...

·                                 Listen & Repeat: 33 Words with “R” /ɔːr/ /or/ for, or, more, ...

·                                 Listen & Repeat: 29 Words with “R” /ɛər/ /âr/ there, where, care, …

·                                 Listen & Repeat: 28 Words with “R” /ar/ are, part, large, …

·                                 Coming soon:
here, near, clear, ...
fire, wire, tire, desire, ...

Focusing on Vowels

·                                 Words with the OW /aʊ/ Diphthong - Part 1 - 49 Words (now, how, wow, …)

·                                 Words with the OW /aʊ/ Diphthong - Part 2 - 37 Words (plow, bow, brow, …)

·                                 More coming soon.

Focusing on Final Consonants

·                                 Listen & Repeat: 60 Words That End With /p/

·                                 More coming soon.

Focusing on Consonant Clusters

·                                 Listen & Repeat: 114 Words With /st/

·                                 More coming soon.

More Videos

·                                 See our blog with links to YouTube videos:
ESL Videos: Category: ‘Pronunciation’

Songs & Poems

·                                 Row, Row, Row Your Boat

·                                 There was a young lady from Niger.

Tongue Twisters

Listen and practice each phrase slowly, then practice them quickly.

·                                 How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

·                                 Rubber baby buggy bumpers

·                                 She sells seashells by the seashore.



Here you can learn about English Pronunciation. This section of the site is divided into several sections. Please click on the one you are interested in.

Accessibility: Information about the sounds of English is provided in text, audio, and graphic formats. While we understand that some people may be unable to see the pictures or hear the sounds, we hope that by providing multimedia content, we have made our website as accessible as possible.


Minimal Pair Practice

If you know which particular sounds you have difficulty with, try repeating words and phrases containing those words can be a useful way of working on your pronunciation, though it takes much longer than this to really make the sort of impact you want.

You may like to have a go at repeating the following pairs of words on your own.  Remember, the two words should sound different from each other.  Try recording yourself and see if you can hear a difference between the pairs.  If you are unsure of the pronunciation of these, you can check the phonetic transcription in the dictionary.  The list is adapted from

click to listen to Column 1


click to listen to Column 2


click to listen to Column 3


awning – earning

azure – assure

bed – bad

beg – bug

beige – bays

better – butter

blessed – blast

boot – boat

boot – butt

but – boot

call – curl

care – chair

catch – cash

caught – curt

chute – shut

cod – card


consort – concert

curse – coarse

deft – daft

dug – dog

empire – umpire

export – expert

fair – fear

fled – flood

form – firm

fur – fear

goon – gun

hell – hull

jest – just

know – now

lawn – learn

leak – lick

leather – lather

left – laughed

lest – last

lit – light

look – luck

many – money

mood – mud

net – nut

noon – none

noon – nun

pawed – purred


pay – bay

pest – passed

read – lead

read – red

ready – ruddy

saw – sought

shorts – shirts

sing – sang

sock – suck

soon – son

soot – suit

spoon – spun

steady - study

super - supper

thirst - first

vest - vast

walk - work  

whistle - thistle

whom - hum

why - way

wreath - wreathe

zoo - sue



EFL speaking activities for TESL TESOL & TEFL classrooms

These speaking activities include ESL role-plays (roleplays), Find someone who... speaking activities, information gap activities, examination rubrics for ESL oral tests, and discussion questions. Most of these are ESL speaking activities that I've created, used, and liked.

Role-plays - ESL speaking activities

Intercultural communication conflict resolution - a roleplay for introducing and practicing the 4 cross cultural conflict resolution steps.

Personal questions - students practice conflict resolution when one asks questions that are considered personal in the other's culture.

Eating in Korea - an American is surprised to find that in Korea people share one bowl of soup.

First date - A Canadian man and a Korean woman face some cultural differences about who should pay for he first date.

Neighbors at odds - this roleplay helps students practice complaining, making requests, making excuses, and denying requests.

Unbelievable story - This activity helps students practice narrative tenses, story telling, and expressing disbelief.

Taxi court - This works well with Culture Watch unit 3 and practices past simple, past continuous, making complaints, and defending oneself. It can be used outside the context of the book and is best suited for college students and older.

Restaurant interview - This speaking activity works well with New Interchange 2 unit 10 and helps students practice present perfect, interviewing, and being interviewed.

Land mine press conference (opens a new window) - This one practices asking questions, and helps to raise awareness about land mines.

Find someone who... ESL speaking activities

Find Someone Who... had a good summer vacation - definitely best for students coming back from summer break.

likes and dislikes - practices question formation, talking about likes and dislikes, enjoy +ing, like +infinitive, and like +noun.

vacations like you! - This activity can be used with New Interchange 2 unit 5 and practices question forms (Have you ever...? Do you like...?). This is a warmer for a communicative internet activity in which students plan vacations in pairs.

is like Indiana Jones - grammar wise, this works well with New Interchange 2 unit 4 but I use this one when showing clips from Raiders of the Lost Ark. This Find someone who... practices present perfect and follow up questions.

is continuously progressing! - This one was designed to go with
New Interchange 2
unit 12 and practices question forms with the progressive (continuous) forms of the past perfect, past, and present.

is continuously progressing (updated) - Very similar to the speaking activity listed directly above but with some changes I feel make it a little better.

is interested or interesting - This activity can work with New Interchange 2 unit 13 to practice relative clauses, -ing and -ed adjectives, and follow up questions.

thinks about Korea. - This activity works especially well with Korean students doing New Interchange 3 unit 15. It practices question forms, expressing opinions, and passive modals.

manages time well - This practices question formation but is also important in that it gets students talking about time management.

converses with you - I use this activity to supplement Conversation Strategies unit 1 and practice question forms, rejoinders, and follow up questions.

Find someone who... - A general find someone who that I use with new classes.

Information gaps - ESL speaking activities

Award interview speaking activity - Here, students interview each other in order to give out awards. The teacher does not control the information gap so students are free to ask about past experiences, habits, etc. This freer practice is far more motivating than many rigid information gaps because the students control the discourse.

Raiders of the Lost Ark info - I use this one when using my Raiders of the Lost Ark lesson plans which replace New Interchange 2 unit 11. This information gap practices passive and active voice (mostly past simple passive, 1 past simple active, 1 past perfect, 2 present simple questions).

Tigers - This activity is a warmer for the retelling of a Korean folk story (can be changed to any type of folk story), which practices the narrative tenses.

TESOL evaluation for speaking activities

Oral exam rubric - I used to use this rubric when giving oral tests to college freshmen. Grammar, vocabulary, fluency, listening & discourse, voice & pronunciation are covered.

ESL oral test guide - This helped students understand how they would be graded during oral exams.

Group discussion topic speaking activities

Christmas discussion questions - Questions to facilitate discussing Christmas in groups.

Speaking English can be easy!
Check out the materials provided below. For more speaking opportunities:
Talk to Someone in English!

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